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Date: Saturday, April 29 - 9am - 5pm

Pre-registration deadline: April 13th

Ellison Bentley, DVM, DACVO

Paperwork should be filled out prior to appointment -

  • Walk-ins accepted up to the 80 dog limit
  • Complete the OFA Form - https://online.ofa.org/login/
    1.) Owner goes to www.ofa.org/online
    2.) Click on "Start Here"
    3.) Create an owner account
    4.) Log into new account
    5.) Review handbook (left side of screen)
    1.) Fill in dog's information
    2.) Select CAER (Companion Animal Eye Registry) eye exam
    3.) Search and select board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist (Dr. Ellison Bentley)
  • Pay Now in the SHOP

FMI: Contact: Ellen Hardin - ariell@wi-net.com

NFGRC Eye Clinic

For our April 29th Eye Clinic at the NFGRC, we will be completing the CAER (Companion Animal Eye Registry) applications through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals' new online platform, OFA Online. This new platform simplifies the process for owners and veterinarians and it speeds up the process for OFA submissions. Owners are even able to pay OFA through their online account.

To get started, you will go to www.ofa.org/online and create an account. Once you are in your account, will create a new application, fill in your dog's information, and search for Dr. Ellison Bentley as the ophthalmologist who will be completing the exam. Creating an account will allow you access to all of your dog's records as you create applications in OFA Online and will also enable you to track the progress of each application.

Once the application has been created, it will automatically be available to Dr. Bentley when you come to your appointment on April 30th. She will complete the exam results online and, once completed, you will automatically receive an email with a PDF version of the exam results for your dog(s). You will then be able to submit the application to OFA and pay the fee directly to OFA -- all online. Simple, and fast!

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