Hello members of NFGRC. I hope this message finds everyone well, and you and the dogs are enjoying the summer days. The days in Oshkosh have certainly been warm and the garden is screaming for a good shower with daily watering being the norm. The dogs have enjoyed the extra sprinkler and swimming pool time, which is really a plastic kiddie pool filled with cool water every after-noon. It makes them happy and helps beat the heat.The air conditioned house and basement kennel area puts it over the top for them! They really do have it very nice.

You are receiving this note through the “new” news-letter. Pat Vanden Heuvel is the new editor. There will be somewhat of a format change and I will let Pat fill you in on the details. We can look forward to having the newsletter back again. Thank you, Pat, for taking over!

You may have seen a note from Terre Radtke that there are some changes coming in the website. The decision was a difficult one as Terre has done a fine job on designing and maintaining the site, but there are several additions coming to the site and the Board felt that it is too much to ask one person to do. I would like to say thank you to Terre for all her time and effort in support of the club website. Members really do make this club what it is.

There will be several club events coming up in the future that we need help with and I encourage you to help at any or all of them. I won’t go into the details as they can be found on the website under the events header.

If you are not sure on how to get involved let myself or one of the Board members know and we will point you in the right direction. The last thing I have for you is elections for the 2019/2020 club officer Board of Directors. Soon I will be putting together a nominating committee to seek out individuals for these important positions. The committee will be reaching out to members, but they are not mind readers, so if you would care to get more involved in the workings of NFGRC let them know. More on that to come.

Thanks for your time. Take care and stay cool.

Rick Krumenauer