The PeeWee handling class is for kids ages 5-9 and is considered an AKC special event.

Each PeeWee unit consists of the child, his/her parent/guardian/responsible adult, and the dog. Only one PeeWee unit is in the ring at a time.

I don't know who had more fun, the kids, the dogs, the adults in the ring with the kids, parents, spectators or the judge. Paper Cities Kennel Club offered PeeWee handling at the April show. J. and M. borrowed two of my dogs to show.

The class is non-competitive, but rather a fun learning experience for the child and adult. The class is judged by a licensed Junior Showmanship judge. The dog must be an AKC registered dog and at least 4 months of age, with proper lead and collar. The responsible adult is present inside and outside the ring. It is essential that the club hosts this special attraction provide the support and time to greet the participants and make them feel welcome and answer any questions.

Each child receives a participation ribbon and, perhaps, a trophy. The show photographer should be available. The ring procedure is explained to each child and they enter the ring one at a time.

J. and M. are daughters of Nick and Amy. Amy was Jim's all-time favorite student and we've remained close. So, it seemed reasonable that J. borrow Giddy and M. borrow Flurry. The girls did a beautiful job, were thrilled with their first trophies "ever" and are eager for the next show at West Bend. As you can see from their photos, it was a day of pure joy. I'd recommend playing in this class if you have the opportunity!!

By Ellen Hardin